KUKI Strong & Flex Line

“the KUKI Strong&Flex line is a sophisticated creation of unique leather watch straps. It presents a contribution to the world of diversity"

The KUKI Strong&Flex line represents unique leather watch straps specially developed to protect exquisite watches. Due to their unique construction, the KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps offer flexibility, softness and durability all in one. The KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps provide excellent reliability and resistance to deformation. Their unique character is evident in the ultra-slim, stainless steel, gold-plated “stoppers”, with a marking appearing on the back of the strap. The KUKI Strong&Flex line is based on the unique construction and special production concept of KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps made of carefully selected alligator, ostrich, shark and calf leather.

KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator

KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator – A masterpiece in the world’s leather watch strap production

KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator is a special edition of the sophisticated KUKI Strong&Flex line. Its unique construction is covered by a fine leather exterior. KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator is not only created using the KUKI Strong&Flex construction, but its links have an additional aramid layer and a stopper. As technically most complex watch strap, the KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator is the flagship of the KUKI Strong&Flex line, and even more impressively stresses the unique character of KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps: a complex technical achievement that offers exceptional flexibility, softness and durability all in one. If leather watch straps can be called masterpieces, than the unique KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator is a true masterpiece in the world’s leather watch strap production. With the creation of this masterpiece, the KUKI company is once again opening new paths in the production of top-quality leather watch straps.

KUKI Strong&Flex Calf Hypoallergenic

KUKI Strong&Flex Calf Hypoallergenic is a sophisticated leather watch strap made of special calf leather. It is 100% covered with the same calf leather on both sides of the strap. KUKI Strong&Flex Calf Hypoallergenic offers exceptional flexibility, softness and durability.

On the spot where the strap attaches to the watch and buckle, leather is reinforced by a layer of aramid and rubber. Particularly the aramid layer eliminates the risk of tearing. In addition, two layers of leather are reinforced by a rubber along the entire length of the strap which determines the design and flexibility of the watch strap. The strap’s most vulnerable areas are not only reinforced by aramid and rubber, but by ultra-slim, metallic gold-plated “stoppers”, with the marking appearing on the back of the strap.

KUKI Strong&Flex Construction

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