KUKI-FLEX RACING perforated calf leather straps follow the spirit of motor-racing drivers. KUKI ETERNITY ALLIGATOR strap is an extravagant strap which reflects creativity and beauty.


KUKI-FLEX Vintage-Look and KUKI-FLEX Pilot leather straps are a perfect example of KUKI's philosophy - A Family Company with an Innovative Tradition.


The sophisticated high-tech KUKI-FLEX Sport Calf leather strap and the extravagant ultra-soft KUKI Extra Slim leather straps are undoubtedly straps with a very clear character.


In year 2013, the KUKI company created special designed Luxury Jubilee KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator watch strap dedicated to its 50th anniversary. As technically most complex leather watch strap, the Luxury Jubilee KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator impressively stresses the unique character of the sophisticated KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps: a complex technical achievement that offers exceptional flexibility, softness and durability all in one.


KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator is not only created using the KUKI Strong&Flex construction, but its links have an additional aramid layer and a stopper. As technically most complex watch strap even more impressively stresses the unique character of KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps: a complex technical achievement that offers exceptional flexibility, softness and durability all in one. If leather watch straps can be called masterpieces, than the unique KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator is a true masterpiece in the world’s leather watch strap production. With the creation of this masterpiece, the KUKI company is once again opening new paths in the production of top-quality leather watch straps.


The KUKI Strong&Flex line represents unique leather watch straps specially developed to protect exquisite watches. Due to their unique construction, the KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps offer flexibility, softness and durability all in one. The KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps provide excellent reliability and resistance to deformation. Their unique character is evident in the ultra-slim, stainless steel, gold-plated “stoppers”, with a marking appearing on the back of the strap. The KUKI Strong&Flex line is based on the unique construction and special production concept of KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps made of carefully selected alligator, ostrich, shark and calf leather.


On the spot where the strap attaches to the watch and buckle, leather is reinforced by a layer of aramid and rubber. Particularly the aramid layer eliminates the risk of tearing. In addition, two layers of leather are reinforced by a rubber along the entire length of the strap which determines the design and flexibility of the watch strap. The straps most vulnerable areas are not only reinforced by aramid and rubber, but by ultra-slim, metallic gold-plated “stoppers”, with the marking appearing on the back of the strap.


We live in a world that is changing dynamically, yet at the same time looking back to more human and personal dimensions. We live in a world that respects the personal decision to be different. The KUKI Fun Strap Collection can also be different. The KUKI Fun Strap Collection does not reflect the latest trends presented by the sophisticated KUKI Metallic and KUKI Patent leather watch straps or the top designs of the KUKI-FLEX leather watch straps. The KUKI Fun Strap Collection draws its energy from carefree colour combinations. Each leather watch strap is a fascinating colour combination featuring a thread and link of the same colour. Turquoise blue-orange, yellow-green, pearl white-red, … Let carefreeness and joy of living be the message carried by the leather watch straps of the KUKI Fun Strap Collection!


For several years now, the KUKI company has been a responsible participant in the creation of trends in the watchmaking world.
KUKI Metallic leather watch straps represent a new contribution to KUKI’s striving for excellence in top-quality watch straps.
KUKI Metallic leather watch straps are ultrasoft and have a metallic and lacquered look. These sophisticated straps are undoubtedly top-range products, crafted according to the latest fashion trends.


The Python KUKI-FLEX leather watchstrap is made of selected python skin that is specially prepared for leather watchstraps. Its specific leather structure emphasizes the uniqueness of nature, whose exceptional diversity gives us patterns that are uniquely different, yet so characteristic of the python.


With KUKI-FLEX – 22 mm watch strap, KUKI is introducing new criteria for evaluating the quality of leather watch straps, particularly when it comes to making leather watch straps of greater width (22, 24 mm). In this segment of leather watch straps, design and softness are often incompatible.


The KUKI-FLEX line reflects the philosophy of the Drolc family, which for years has remained faithful to the logo: THE FUTURE HAS SOUL.


The company launched its second patent under the name of KUKI-FLEX. This unique product is tailored to meet the demands of those watch strap consumers seeking such qualities as flexibility, softness and durability. The exceptional qualities of the KUKI-FLEX watch strap are the result of its unique, yet simple structure.


KUKI joined forces with Blaž Tomšič, a Slovene designer, to develop a strap with an innovative, unobtrusive design ideal for a modern lifestyle. The SAMO watch strap was the forerunner of the KUKI-FLEX watch strap.


KUKI dedicated a specially designed leather watch strap to the Millennium and a song to Basel 2000, which was presented live at their Press Conference.


KUKI lived up to its slogan “The future has soul”. The newly designed ArmStrong watch strap was presented.


The company joined forces with Yngvar Petlund, a Norwegian watchmaker, to market a wolfish watch strap as a ” Souvenir from Norway”.


A specially designed ArmStrong watch strap “The complicated leather watch strap, for complicated watches” was presented.


The ArmStrong aramide watch strap was developed as the most exclusive and durable leather watch strap.
A series of tests was performed in Swiss and Slovene specialized laboratories and marketing studies were evaluated.


A reputed Swiss laboratory assessed KUKI watch straps as being of comparable quality to the finest watch straps in the world.


KUKI first appeared at the Basel fair with leather watcg straps under its own KUKI brand name.


At the time they established the company, Franc and Alenka Drolc decided to pursue a company development strategy oriented towards high-quality products.


The KUKI brand was presented for the first time. Franc and Alenka Drolc then offered leather straps in a specially designed package.


KUKI is a private company owned by the Drolc family, manufacturers of leather watch straps since 1963.

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