KUKI 50th Anniversary



Family-owned KUKI celebrates its 50th anniversary

The KUKI company from Slovenia has been manufacturing high-quality leather watch straps since 1963. The family tradition dating back fifty years was started by Franc Drolc and his wife Alenka. Sadly, Franc passed away in 2010, leaving the company in the hands of brothers Matjaž and Gregor. The company now exports to more than 20 different countries within and outside Europe. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, KUKI created special designed Luxury Jubilee KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator watch strap. As technically most complex leather watch strap, the Luxury Jubilee KUKI Strong&Flex Alligator impressively stresses the unique character of the sophisticated KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps: a complex technical achievement that offers exceptional flexibility, softness and durability all in one.

The top quality of KUKI leather watch straps is the fruit of handwork supported by modern technology. The KUKI Company has obtained two of its own patents: KUKI-FLEX and ArmStrong, making it a perfect example of a family company with an innovative tradition. Both of these ensure unique characteristics: ArmStrong as an ultra resistant leather watch strap, and KUKI-FLEX as a leather watch strap offering flexibility, softness and durability. ArmStrong and KUKI-FLEX have distinguished the KUKI Company as a producer of sophisticated leather watch straps. In 2009, further developments led the KUKI Company towards a new innovation, i.e. the KUKI Strong&Flex. KUKI Strong&Flex watch straps offer flexibility, softness and durability all in one and provide excellent reliability and resistance to deformation.